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Hecate Collection Black Lava Yoga Mala Bracelet - sunnybeachjewelry

Hecate Collection Black Lava Yoga Mala Bracelet

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Handmade gemstone energy bracelet

  • genuine black lava rock 8mm beads, dyed horn beads, gold accent bead.
  • elastic
  • great for layering and essential oil
  • size: 6 in / 7,5 in stretch

The benefit of using the lava rock bracelet is that lava holds essential oils scents for 1-2 days, whereas they only last a few hours on your skin. Just use a drop of your favorite oil and rub it on the black lava bracelet beads.

Our Hecate Collection is dedicated to a Greek goddess of the dark moon and magic - Hecate. She is a protective goddess and one who bestowed prosperity and daily blessings on the family. Her name also means Apotropaia, the one that turns away/protects. For our Hecate collection we use different protection gemstones like black lava and obsidian.